Welcome to Locutus' Web page

Welcome to the fith version of my web site!

This is the 5th verison of my web site. If you have been coming to my web site in the past, you will notice a few changes. One of those is changes are that you will be needing an updated brower to view the updated web site. After long thought I thought it was time to bring the web site more modern.

Those with those with older broswers I will making the older pages still accessable for you, but I will suggest if you can to update to the newest broswer if you can. The FAQwill have more infomation on this.

Transformers - Remember these toys? I sure did. I used to play with them for hours. So I made a few pages devoted to them.

Haunted Houses - Do you like to go though haunted houses? Have you gone though one I've worked at?

Amusement Parks - I love amusement parks, here you'll see some photos of amusement parks I've been or worked at.

Video Games - I'm into video games from computers games to the big arcade games. Here I will tell you about some of them, and show you my pride and joy.

Computers - Yes, I'm a geek if you haven't figured it out yet. I am into computers and I give you some links of some computer sites I vist. Be warned though they are Mac sites.

Rant of the week! - This should explain it's self. If you want to know what I am ranting about this week, this is where to go.

Photos - Every now and then I will just go around just and just take photos at random. Whould you like to see some of them?

Old SpaceFleet Online Pages - Looking for those old SpaceFleet Pages including those voice logs I did. Here they rest.

Shoreleave Photos - Shore Leave is a Star Trek convention I used to go to (plan to start going again sometime), and here are the phtos.

Friends - Here is a links to some of my friends and other intrests such as the church that pretty much says every thing is the devil!

Old web site - Here you will find the old web site pages untoched expect for some misspellings fixed.

About me - Click here if you really want to know more about Locutus.

Corrections - Found error on my site? I'm sure you did. Tell me about it.