USS Hood

NOTE: I am no longer part of SpaceFleet Online.

Ichabod Locutus isthe son of Srva and Clinent Locutus. Sarva was a dignitary for the Vulcan govermment to the Thirolen govermment. Clinent was a Federation captain of the USS Stark.

Ichabod was born on Vuclan and lived there until the age of six earth years. He then moved to London, England Earth after his mother died in a Romulan attack during a piece conference. His father, due to his career in Spacefleet, was not able to take care of him, so in London, Locutus lived with his grandparents.

On Earth he soon renounced all the training he had received on Vulcan to purge emotion, feeling that emotion was an important part of his Human heritage. He said to the Spacefleet board upon entering Spacfleet Academy, "Too meny half Vulcan/Humans follow the Vulcan way. It's time that changes."

Before joining Spacefleet he was sent to a private school, and he excelled there. He major study was Psychology and Philosophy. He also studied in Para-psychology, for it's facination.

While he was in Spacefleet Academy he excelled in the study of other sciences, including Temporal Physics. He enjoyed the concept of the infinite possibilities, and our one chance place in them. He beleive there was a thin barrier, as he it. That kept us from crossing from this universe into these other universes. He also beleived that it's possible to go into alernate universe by of use of the warp drive, "Right now our ship's would be able to handle the stress of the speed that would be required to jump into these universes. But to be honest, I don't see why we would want to."

After completing he training at Spacefleet, he was assigned to the USS Stark as an Ensign. There he served for four years, moving up in the ranks. At the end of his time on the Stark he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.

He was then assigned to the USS Templeton, and served as the Helmsmen and Assitstant Seicence Officer. At this time his father was also serving on the Templeton as the First Officer. Locutus did not enjoy sering under his father, for he felt his father give him speical treatment. After a year on the Templeton he put in a request for a transfer, not specifying any particular ship.

Spacefleet approved his transfer, and he was transferred to the USS Firefly. He came on the Firefly as Cheif Science Officer at the rank of Lieutenant Commander. (Spacefleet note: Locutus promotion was at the recmmendation of his father and Captian Jack of the USS Templetion) Locutus Captain Trilar to lower his rank back to Lieutenant, but was refused. Captain Trilar was a Vulcan and felt (if you want to call it that) that the rank was logical.

Locutus stayed on the USS Firefly for five years. DUring his third year, he was prmoted to Commander and took the postion of First officer after saving the ship during a battle with the Romulans, using an old sensor trick of making the Romulans think the ship was dead (Also note: The first Officer at the, Commander Brian was killed during the attack.)

Locutus followed Captain Trilarls orders percisely. Trilar, being Vulcan followed the book. Thus training Locutus to do the same, some of the ships officers didn't like this command style, but Locutus found it to be the proper way of running the ship.

After serving five years on the Firefly, he was ordered back to Spacefleet Command for a new assignment(USS Hood).