EreLocutus (RES Talon)


GALAE TRANSMISSION-Biography-Erei'Riov Locutus, Jar Locutus


Name: Jar Locutus

Age: 27

Race: Rihannsu

Place of birth: Dartha, ch'Rihan

Rank: Erei'Riov (Erv)

Position: Chief Operations Manger

    Jar Locutus, was born on Romulus with mother named, Tri Locutus <sorry, I don't know the rules on the names> and Rio Locutus (father).  At age 5 Locutus' father defected to the Federation and found a new Vulcan wife.  It is known that Jar Locutus has a brother in Star Fleet that is only a few years, younger than Jar.  Jar's bother's name is Rio.  Rio and Jar Locutus have met several times when the Talon helped the USS Excalibur. According to sources he took a position at the Utopia Planetia on Stardate 9402.20. Jar, also has a cousin in Starfleet name Jake Locutus.  How this come about not much is known.

   Jar Locutus, servered in GALAE COMMAND Academy for 5 years, taking Engineering and Medical.  Also has knowledge in Klingon language.  Jar has served on one other ship in the fleet, T'Car.  Locutus served on T'Car for 4 years and requested a transfer to Talon when it was commissioned 6 years ago.  Locutus has been on the Talon for about 6 years <before it become official with Starfleet On line>.  Was Chief of Eng, but was said to be dead at 9311.17. When Locutus was found to be live in the GamaQuadrent, his Commsin was moved to Medical at 9402.17.  On Stardate 9504.14 Locutus was moved from Chief Medical Officer to Chief of Operations.

*Reinstated Commission on stardate 9402.17*

 :::Classified Information:::

    Jar has some PSI abilities but doesn't know it... When tested he scored high, but wasn't told of the results.  The tests also showed empathic abilities, but not very good.  Mostly reads facial expressions then feeling others emotions.

   ::: security Note :::

Gele Command has a eye out for Jar Locutus,  making sure he doesn't do what his father did.  Betray the Romulan Empire.