Note: All info in these files are based on Generation 1.

As you know our leader was once called Magatron.

Picture of Megatron

Megatron lead us to Earth following the Autobots when they left Cybertron looking for Energon. At first some question Megatron for leaving Cybertron. But Megatron explained that we also needed Energon and if there some out there, we should have it not the Autobots. So Shockwave was put in charge of Cybertron in Magatron's absantance.


At this time the Autobots lifted off with their shuttle to go out looking for Energon. Shorty after their luanch Magatron ordered to follow them, but at first he didn't want the autobots to know that they where being followed. Unfortantlly that didn't last, two asteriods collided and exploded causing as Soundwave would put it "Meator shower, meator shower!". This was causing both ships problems in navacation and damage.

Then the Autobot ship fired some type of engery weapon that cleared a way though the smaller asteriods, Megatron ordered to follow their path. We must of followed too closly because they try to lose us for awhile, but the Nemies is just no match for any Autobot shuttle. Soon after that we locked on their ship with a trackerbeam and boarded their ship. A fight broke out and their nav computer was damaged and both ships where caught in a gravity well of a planet and crashed on the planet.

The Autobot shuttle that every one was on at this time managed to crash in the side of a volcando and surive thounds and thounds of years. It wasn't until 1984 when the voicando gave a small rumption causing Telatran One to come online and explore the new world to repair it's if fallen creators.

Fortianlly Telatran didn't know the differance from Decepticon from Autobot because the first one it repaired was Thunder Cracker who then moved Megatron to be repaired second, then the rest where followed.

When every one was repaired, Megatron lead every one out of the Autbot ship and gave a speach about how much time has past and that they are on a planet with plenty of resoursces they can use to convert to Energon and go back to Cybertron. After his speach Megatron ordered find a new area for new base, Starscream was trying to cover up the shuttle with his weapons but his managed to get Oputis Prime to get Repaired some how and then the rest of the other Autobots came back online. This started the new great War on Earth.