Cedar Point

Some of these pictures are not that great. Some of the pictures are pictures of the games. That's because I used to work for another amusement park (I've also worked for Cedar Point) in the Games Dept and I wanted to know how other parks did their games.

This isn't my entire collection of Cedar Point photos. Most of them are actul pictures that I need to find. When I find them, I will scan them in and post them here. Some of them turned out real nice.

Click on an image to see a larger version of it.

Picture of the Blue Streak going up it's first hill Picture of the game BoomBall Picture of the game BowerRoller A picture of the game Cat Rack Picture of the ride of Chaos 1 out of 4 pictures of the Demon Drop. 2 3 4 out of 4 pictures of Demon Drop. Picture of the Gemini

Picutre of the Goblet game. Picture of a golf game. Picture of the Magnum Picutre of the Magnum far away Picture of the Millennium Force going up the first hill. Closer picture of the Millennium Force! picture of PopGun game. Picture of Raptor going up it's first hill. Another view of the Raptor going up the first hill Closer picture of the Raptor on a turn. Picture of the Raptor going down the first hill.

Picture of Millennium Force first hill though Raptor's Track Picture of Ring-A-Botttle game. Picture of Ball Roll game Picutre of a Cedar Point working wearing a bunch of SpongeBobs on her head Picutre of Ring a Bottle game. Picture of PowerTower, Lifting going up. Picture of the lift coming down. Picture of Twister on the twist Picture of Twister coming back in to the platform. Picture of Mantis going down it's first hill.