Six Flags: Geauga Lake

Some of these pictures are not that great. Some of the pictures are pictures of the games. That's because I used to work for another amusement park (I've also worked for SixFlags:Geauga Lake) in the Games Dept and I wanted to know how other parks did their games.

This isn't my entire collection of Six Flags photos. Most of them are actul pictures that I need to find. When I find them, I will scan them in and post them here. Some of them turned out real nice.

Just another note, these where taken before CedarFair (Cedar Point) bought Geauga Lake.

Click on an image to see a larger version of it.

Picture of X-Flight going down it's first hill Picture of X-Flight on a bank turn. Picture of people playing a game where a ball bounces off a board. A picture of the Villain, going down the first hill. Picture of people playing Fried Frogs Picture of the entrance Picture of some rides you can see from the parking lot. Picture of SixFlags Roll A Ball Game.