Welcome to Locutus' Web page

This is my web site. If you have been coming to my web site in the past, you will notice a few changes. One of those is changes are that you will be needing an updated brower to view the updated web site.

Transformers - Remember these toys? I sure did. I used to play with them for hours. So I made a few pages devoted to them.

Haunted Houses - Do you like to go though haunted houses? Have you gone though one I've worked at?

Amusement Parks - I love amusement parks, here you'll see some photos of amusement parks I've been or worked at.

Video Games - I'm into video games from computers games to the big arcade games. Here I will tell you about some of them, and show you my pride and joy.

Computers - Yes, I'm a geek if you haven't figured it out yet. I am into computers and I give you some links of some computer sites I vist. Be warned though they are Mac sites.

Rant of the week! - This should explain it's self. If you want to know what I am ranting about this week, this is where to go.

Photos - Every now and then I will just go around just and just take photos at random. Whould you like to see some of them?

Old SpaceFleet Online Pages - Looking for those old SpaceFleet Pages including those voice logs I did. Here they rest.

Shoreleave Photos - Shore Leave is a Star Trek convention I used to go to (plan to start going again sometime), and here are the phtos.

Friends - Here is a links to some of my friends and other intrests such as the church that pretty much says every thing is the devil!

About me - Click here if you really want to know more about Locutus.

Corrections - Found error on my site? I'm sure you did. Tell me about it.