SpaceFleet Online

SpacFleet Online was an Online SIMing (short for SIMUATION)based on the Star Trek Universe. The group would get together online and role play online. What makes this role playing group differnt from the others is dice are not used. It's basicly make it up as you go along as along as it goes by the plot line that was set down my the CO or XO (DM or AsstDM).

That's what would make it more intresting, you don't know what each person who was taking part of the SIM. You would be amazed on how meny players where not hard core Star Trek fans or really big SCIFI fans in general. Some people just played in the SIMs because some of the plots where very interesting. It's been said that one could write a book based on some SIM plots (I think some did now that I think about it.)

I think SpaceFleet was on AOL and to my knowage I think it still there. If you are on AOL try Keyword:SFOL or Keyword:RolePlay. You might have to search for it. However lot of the people have left SFOL and formed two new SIMing groups. One of them SIM's on and the other SIMs on Galactic Freedom Command.

I left SpaceFleet Online years ago but I kept the pages I made for them up anways. So I will keep them up in case any one still cares. I will try to edit them for spelling errors and any side stores I wrote for that SIM will be posted for that ship. Also I am going to keep the voice logs I did for the QOB and as soon as I find the 'lost voice logs' I will put them out as well. So enjoy.

The ships I was on in SpaceFleet Online where:

USS Republic

QOB(Contains voice logs)

USS Hood (Contains a side story based on the SIM)

RES Talon

USS Melbourne