USS Republic

NOTE: I am no longer part of SpaceFleet Online.

The Republic was one of the first SpaceFleet Online advance ship SIMs I served (joined) on. I started in Engineering, then moved to Medical, and finally movied to OPS. On my second year I was promoted to OPS Manager at the rank of Lt Commander. Before I left the ship for good I was the ship's Quartermaster and Chief Bridge Officer.

The position of Quartermaster was a fairly new post in Spacefleet Online. It was introduced 3 years before break up of Spacefleet Online. Anyways a Quartermaster is charge of handing all of the supplies going on and off the ship, not to mention the department requests. In a lot of other ships (SIMs) would have the Quartermaster double as a Cheif Bridge officer. He/she would be in charge of the bridge when the CO/XO or 3rd officer are not there and where hand out the duty roster from the 3rd officer.

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