QOB/USS Lakota (Klingon/Federation ship)

NOTE: I am no longer part of SpaceFleet Online.

The QOB is a interesting ship. The QOB is a klingon/Federation ship. The crew is mostly Klingons with other races mixed in from the USS Lakota. 5 years ago the QOB and the USS Lakota entered some kind of worm hold that damaged both ships. USS Lakota was damaged beyond repair, and the QOB managed to repair it's self by merging the two ships together. Creating a interesting ship to serve on. ;)

The ship is currently commanded by HoD Kevla (now the ship is non SFOL and the CO is HoD KWalus) and Rawl Bch (pronounced Bit'ch). HoD Kevla, was a very honorable Klingon. She commanded the ship with dignity and at times with a Klingon fist. Not saying that she was hard to work with, not at all. Just saying that she was your typical Klingon commander.

Rawl Bch on the other hand is a different story. I say HoD Kevla commaded the ship with a firm Klingon fist. She commands with an iron Klingon fist. She is Klingon in it's true nature all the way. She follows the Klingon ways to the fullest and his very pround of her heritage. Sometimes I feel that disklikes having us around (expect for me). You just need to get to know her, in my own opinion. I feel that she shows us that she doesn't like having the mixed crew, but all and all. She likes this better. True that alot of the Spacefleet officers on the ship have customs that either offend a Klingon or find it 'babyish'. I think she likes the company despite how she acts.

My character on the QOB was Asst Medical Officer. I reported to K'Walus (pronounced K'Wal'Us) before she took the CO post on the ship. If you haven't guessed it yet, she is a Klingon. Servering on a Klingon ship as a medical officer was no picnic. The Klingons, so are are the worse patients to have. Worse then Captains, they do not believe in being healed or treated. They perfer to suffer with the pain or illness. Even if it means that it will kill them if they are treated. They believe if it is done in combat then it will be honorable death.

Lukily the CMO at that time didn't feel that way, and at times we were forced to treat a Klingon with our their permision. Either by fooling the crew member that he will make them a better Klingon (i.e doing surgery with out any pain killers. Thus feeling all the pain from the surgery.), or but just sedation them and dragging them to medical. Which can be interesting and keeps medical hoping.

If you want to watch the QOB in action you check them out on www.startrek.com Tuesday nights at 11pm. Check out their gaming section.

I will be posting the bio I did for my charater I for this ship as soon as I find a copy of it.

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