RES Talon (Romulan Ship)

NOTE: I am no longer part of SpaceFleet Online.

The RES Talon is a different story. I was one of the original members that started the ship long before it became part of SpaceFleetOnline. I'm also one of the officers that pushed that to become the SIM become official. Now I don't know if my actions of pushing to become official worked or not, but not long after that we became official with a joint SIM (that's two ships SIMing together) with the USS Excalibur (another ship I was on at a time).

Once we became official I was moved to OPS manager under the command of Tamak. After that year, Tamak left Spacefleet online and another commander took over, Trebok.

When Trebok took command of the RES Talon he made tSaar his first officer. Talon's first female commanding officer, (I think, I could be wrong.) and I was moved to Medical and soon later promoted to Chief Medical Officer (CMO). I was only CMO for about a year and TreBok left the Talon, putting tSaar in command of the Talon.

When tSaar took over, it was decided that I should be moved back to OPS because of my knowledge of the OPS position (I think it's because I wasthe best OPS officer in the fleet and that's what I started out as when the ship started out.).

Four Years Later

The story of Locutus on the Talon didn't stop there. Later on I was moved to Ship's Quatemaster who answered to the Chief Engineer and First officer. Once again I was the one that was in charge of the ship supplies. I also filled in Engineering when they where short manned.

At the end of those four years I left the Talon, due to some RL (Real Life) reasons. I wrote a back story where if I wanted to I could have brought back Locutus but I never did.

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