USS Hood

NOTE: I am no longer part of SpaceFleet Online.

The Hood is a TOS (The Orignal Series) Constitution class starship. If you haven't guessed it, this SIM took place during the old days. Where the guys wear tight pants and shirt and the gals wear mini-shirts. Where crew used wall panels to communicate with others thought the ship, when the Prime Directive wasn't always followed.

I think I served on the Hood for 4 years. The CO at the time was (and still is) Captain Huff (who btw can be bribed with donuts). The missions where true classic trek style. You know, shoot the Klingons first, then ask questions later. Althugh at times some of the missions where very complex and fun.

I was the XO and Cheif Science Officer when I joined her. As the XO it was my job to command the ship in the absents of the Captain or when ever the CO didn't feel like COing like going on Landing Parties when regs states they are not to go on them, but I regress.

The Hood was a fun ship to SIM on, and it will be missed along with the QOB. Both SIMs allowed open SIM plots which I liiked because that let the crew direct the action and not go by some scripted plot then, like it should be.

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